Crypto, Red Pills and Rabbit Holes --> Save 10% on Binance for life

Buy The F*cking Bitcoin Dip↓ vs Für Elise

This is actual investment advice. To make money in the bitcoin bull market you simply have to buy the f*cking dip on corn. Just BTFD! Until it stops working. Because it will. I cleaned up the source a bit and added Bethoven’s Für Elise because it just fit perfectly.

For Nearly 10 Years I Operated a Satellite TV Hacking Network Anonymously from South East Asia

I had an adventure from the year 2000 to the end of 2010 that helped tens of millions of people watch free TV – and almost nobody in my daily life knows anything about this story. As the statute of limitations on this stuff ran out this week I feel like I am okay to talk about this now, even though technically I am still under a strict confidential agreement not to do so.

Anatomy of the State [2020]

A bite-sized mini documentary based on the book of the same name by Murray Rothbard. Topics include: the dangers of the welfare state, monetary policies backed by debt, taxation without representation, and other means of state based violence.


PUMP IT UP BITCOIN! Bitcoin is a disruptive black swan event aimed at central banking. HODLing it is the most effective silent protest you can engage in. Let’s not screw this up fam.