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The Ledger Data Leak: Mirrors and a Post Mortem

At the end of July, 2020 Ledger the French company behind some very popular crypto hardware wallets made a news post detailing a data breach they had suffered. In their update they admitted to losing customer data including the home addresses, emails, names, and phone numbers of 9,500 users.


In 2020 governments around the world continued devaluing their currencies with bRRR economics printing TRILLIONS of dollars. Meanwhile the evils of financial terrorism had already been solved by the HODL resistance. For great justice, there is only bitcoin.

Buy The F*cking Bitcoin Dip↓ vs Für Elise

This is actual investment advice. To make money in the bitcoin bull market you simply have to buy the f*cking dip on corn. Just BTFD! Until it stops working. Because it will. I cleaned up the source a bit and added Bethoven’s Für Elise because it just fit perfectly.

For Nearly 10 Years I Operated a Satellite TV Hacking Network Anonymously from South East Asia

I had an adventure from the year 2000 to the end of 2010 that helped tens of millions of people watch free TV – and almost nobody in my daily life knows anything about this story. As the statute of limitations on this stuff ran out this week I feel like I am okay to talk about this now, even though technically I am still under a strict confidential agreement not to do so.

Anatomy of the State [2020]

A bite-sized mini documentary based on the book of the same name by Murray Rothbard. Topics include: the dangers of the welfare state, monetary policies backed by debt, taxation without representation, and other means of state based violence.