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Another repurposed music video featuring beautiful animations by the brilliant Steve Cutts vs the track XURIOUS: The Trump Betrayal. Original is taken from MOBY’s song from Oct 2016: Are You Lost In The World Like Me? Don’t sue me bro.

Economic Hitmen Cartoon [HD]

Cartoon animation with John Perkins, author of ‘Confessions Of An Economic Hitman’, explaining how corporations destroy nation states with debt, war and predatory capitalism. Perkins highlights the failures of modern capitalism and its effects on the safety of our world.

The Battle for Berkeley 1 – 3: The Fire Rises

Highlights from the Battle for Berkeley Free Speech Riots I – III a series of protests and fights that took place around UC Berkeley in California. Known as the birth place of the free speech movement the irony is that Berkeley is no longer a place willing to tolerate it.