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When Trump was asked if he still loved Wikileaks he responded “I know nothing about Wikileaks, it’s not my thing” – O RLY? O_o Not sure the source on the original! If it’s your video please let me know and…


Romano fulfills ‘The Prophecy’ and CryptoTwitter goes bananas. Has Brenna Spark’s ass unironically triggered #AltSeason ? Video removed by YT, so this is a cleaner version.

Wojak Hijacks a Plane in Seattle and does a Barrel Roll

This is actual audio footage of the real hijacking. On Aug 10th, 2018 Wojak hijacked a plane from Sea-Tac airport in Seattle and performed a barrel roll before running out of fuel and crash landing. Wojak blamed the incident on wagecucking but I suspect he got REKT 100x trading crypto.