Just a quick list of 10 free crypto trading tools any crypto trader bro needs to make it. NONE of these suck. Links to all below…

http://anons.ca/out/ledger – the best hardware wallet available. period! if you own crypto BUY THIS now.
http://boards.4chan.org/biz/catalog – the holy grail of altcoin and other crypto discussion
https://www.cryptowatch.net – multiple tradingview charts 1 screen
https://steemit.com/@quickfingersluc – runs a trading system you can check out
http://anons.ca/out/tradingview – click this link and signup to the trial for a discount on TradingView
https://cryptowat.ch/ – can see order books on MANY exchanges
https://bitcoin.clarkmoody.com/tickers/ – tick by tick BTC price monitor on multiple exchanges
https://datamish.com – shorts vs longs analysis
https://coinmarketcap.com – the king of altcoin listings and data
https://onchainfx.com – awesome for drilling down on altcoin information
https://www.sifrdata.com – tons of interesting data including correlations
https://margin.de – trading front-end and crypto bot toolset


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