The upcoming Luckbox ICO, LUCK tokens and their eSports betting platform explained and reviewed. Find out why this could be the hottest ICO of 2018 as luckbox attempts to launch a fully regulated eSports betting operation across all platforms. Brought to you by Pokerstars former alumni and a dream team of developers and partnerships. This one has winner written allover it, my notes are below guys…


Luckbox ICO Notes ===

– Goldman Sachs estimated the eSports industry at $500m in 2016
– According to Nasdaq the video game industry generates more revenue than the film and movie industry and in 2016 made 23.5B dollars in revenue. eSports is still a smallish but rapidly emerging market.
– Prize pools in 2017 League of Legends final was over 4.5M for the champions
– Dota2 held record largest prize pool in history 24.7M in 2017 at Valve’s International Dota 2 Championships
– According to Luckbox research shows that 191 million people watched esports regularly in 2017
– Luckbox will be regulated and complaint at the highest levels, including all fund protected under the gambling supervision commission, which ensures user’s money is always protected from disasters
– Luckbox will be a South African company
– Luckbox eventually plan to faciliate the trading/selling of in-game items
– Luckbox is dedicated to creating an amazing player experience and building lasting relationships over short term games

– The core team at Luckbox benefits from vast experience in the iGaming industry, working as executives, in senior product development
roles and in regulation and licensing.
– CEO Lars Lien was involved in pokerstars involved in online gambling for 10 years, has a Forbes interview.
– Mike Stevens the Co-founder is another Pokerstars alumni.
– CFO Archie Watt is the previous head of egaming at KPMG.
– Lee Hills a Licensing and Regulatory Affairs guy who oversaw the first ever regulated blockchain gambling licence.
– A killer marketing team lead by James McMath an experienced journalist, editor and press officer whose previous roles include working for BBC Sport, The Guardian, The Times and AFP.

Tech Specs:
– Hardcap only $20 million. Token price not announced yet but I am hearing whispers of not more than 0.20 cents USD
– Only 9% of tokens are given to team and advisors
– CEO and founders tokens are locked up for 2 years
– Users can use the token LUCK cash, but there is another token B called LUCK profit which allows users to share in the platform profits
– LUCK cash (token A) is used by the userbase as the utility token used for gambling and purchases on Luckbox
– LUCK profit (token B) is a profit sharing token. Staked tokens accrue proportional rights to 20% of company’s net profits
– Some mentions in the telegram about the team pushing for an exchange listing

– CEO Lars Lien Forbes article:
– Impressive whitepaper:
– All PR pieces for LB:

– ICO date pushed back, not announced yet:
– Big marketing push planned with Google:
– Recently Acquired Redeye! Redeye, real name Paul Chaloner, is among esports’ best-known and influential figures, working as a host, presenter and commentator.