The 1970 British educational film “The Art of the Marbler” offers an in-depth look at paper marbling, a centuries-old technique for creating beautiful marble-like patterns on paper. The film was directed by one K.V. Whitbread (yes, really) and was produced by the Bedfordshire County Council. It was originally posted online by the Bedfordshire and Luton Archives.

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A film produced for the 1970 Society of Archivists’ Conference, and featuring the craft of making marble paper, by the Cambridgeshire firm, Douglas Cockerell & Son.

L33TGUY: This is a beautiful video showing the lengths people would go to create interesting art in a clever way. Today we can achieve results like this in a few clicks. Use the film as encouragement to get your ass in gear on something important dummy.

ASMR NOTE: I know right? This video has been known to trigger an ASMR reaction in some people.
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ENCODING: This one had a lot of hiss. I did my best to fix it with DeNoiser. I also upscaled to HD, removed image noise, and adjusted footage to fill the entire screen.