2nd compilation of 20 “One to Grow On” PSA commercials aired during NBC’s Saturday morning cartoon line-up from 1983 – 1989. The lessons learned in each PSA were solid but often cringe inducing. What also makes them notable is that they featured many past and present stars like Michael J. Fox, Jason Bateman, Mr. T, Jackée Harry, Dwight Schultz among many others. I made this compilation to put my child in front of for the knowledge download, they’re really fantastic!

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This is our #2 compilation of 20 “One to Grow On” PSAs with the annoying intros removed. I’ve taken pains to improve the audio and video with: Adaptive Noise Reduction, and some careful sharpening and an upscale. Keep in mind these are all rips from VHS so the source is often brutal. Also left a few Easter Eggs to find!

One to Grow On: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_to_Grow_On

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