A great first hand look into the underground world of the free radio movement of the 80s and 90s. Inside Pirate Radio is an independent documentary on underground radio, which is also called free radio, pirate radio, bootleg, alternative, unlicensed radio and other names. Today you might know of pirates on the FM bands, usually as minority broadcasters serving the needs of their local community, but there’s an underground to that underground, shortwave stations that reach large areas with infrequent broadcasts, more hobbyist in nature. That’s the side that this video mainly has a look at, interviewing four different radio personalities about their motivations, and looking in on how a broadcast is done.

Interviews include:

Andrew Yoder, author and pirate radio expert, who has written and edited a number of books on pirate radio, and is most well known for ‘Pirate Radio Stations, tuning in the underground broadcasts’. He currently has a sideline of restoring antique radios, including replacing the electronic parts and rebuilding/woodworking the cabinets.

Radio Animal, electronics technician and radio mad scientist, is known for being Boomer The Dog, an eccentric television personality who prefers to be a sheepdog. He currently runs a ‘carrier current’ station on mediumwave, AM band.

Harry A. Ness (Radio Flattus) and Sparky (WKZP, K-Zap), whereabouts and professions currently unknown, stations or bios not found on line.

The video is copyright 1990, Franklin Video Group.


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