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Another repurposed music video featuring beautiful animations by the brilliant Steve Cutts vs the track XURIOUS: The Trump Betrayal. Original is taken from MOBY’s song from Oct 2016: Are You Lost In The World Like Me? Don’t sue me bro.

Zombie Cover by eywa [2017]

Love everything about this brooding Zombie cover by the entity known as eywa. This is a brand new and interesting musical duo with just 1 song so give them some support fam.


Finally hit 1000 subs! Are you wondering how to get 1000 subscribers dummy? Wasn’t easy. I captured the moment it hit 1k subs in this video. ENJOY AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR 1000 SUBS BROS!!! (♥‿♥)

WE WANT YOUR SOUL – Propaganda Remix

A remix of the original WE WANT YOUR SOUL video by Adam Freeland from 2007 vs the HAEZER WE WANT YOUR SOUL Mashup version. WWYS is probably one of the funnest Red Pill videos ever made and it’s 10 years old this year! Still as relevant as ever.